Thrive Coaching | Learning to Listen
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Learning to Listen

Learning to Listen

Have you ever pushed yourself to the point of sickness? You continue to work despite knowing you really just want to crash. You keep yourself going even though you know you’re under the weather.

You think, maybe if I could just get one more item off this to do list. Or maybe its friends and social commitments that keep you going. Perhaps, you don’t want to miss out or what’s planned just sounds like so much fun.

How many of us keep going, overriding signals from our body to slow down already?

I’ve spent most of the past 6 weeks being sick. No joke. This isn’t me. I am not the person who gets sick. I’m incredibly healthy, and at most get 1-2 viruses a year. Earlier this week when I started to cough, I thought you have got to be kidding me. I can’t possibly be getting sick again. This is getting ridiculous.

It dawned on me….I’m not listening to my body. 

I’ve continued to push it despite its repeated messages of sickness. The amusement in the doctor’s eyes when I inquired about whether or not I could run with a chest cold did not go unnoticed. His answer was an emphatic “no” along with encouragement to take it easy.

As I left the doc in the box, I found my mind wandering to his recommendation. For those of us that are driven, this is a challenge for sure. I couldn’t help thinking about why we have this tendency to keep pushing ourselves, to ignore the signals of our body. While being sick is far from fun, heeding it and taking the time you need to heal even during the hectic holiday season is crucial.

What have you been ignoring? 

In what ways have you been continuing to push yourself? Like me, maybe its time to slow it down. To actually give yourself time to heal and to feel better. Take some time and get clear on what you’re ignoring so that you can start to sort through it. We cannot fix that which we don’t know. You are beyond worth the time it will take to heal.

Now Go and THRIVE!