Thrive Coaching | Overcoming Resistance
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Overcoming Resistance

Overcoming Resistance

ou have this massive to-do list staring you down, piles of work to attend to and zero motivation to get any of it done.

You’ve got NOTHING!  

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just cannot make yourself do what you need to do? It’s not even like you want to do anything. Sure, you have a myriad of options that you could distract yourself with, but nothing is calling your name.

Instead, you’re in this space of not wanting to do anything at all.  You don’t even want to turn on Netflix and escape into binge watching. Nothing appeals to you.

This is Resistance. 

Resistance is a sneaky roadblock that there is no way around. You can only go through it.  Webster’s Dictionary defines resistance as “an opposing force” and “an act of resisting.” That definition doesn’t even begin to do justice to the level of that force. It’s like attempting to trudge through molasses where every ounce of forwarding movement results in a sticky mess that just wants to pull you further down to a standstill. From the outside, it appears that progress is at a standstill. Internally, its experienced the tiniest of incremental movement forward, millimeter by millimeter. Fingers crossed, you pick up speed and start to move centimeter by centimeter and then inch by inch.  You just need to get the ball moving forward so that momentum can kick in and you pick up speed.

Consider laundry for a moment. Ever notice how you’re never done with it? Clothes go from the hamper to the wash, to the dryer. Then there is that mountain-like pile that you’ve got to fold. Did it just get bigger?  And, what about the stack that needs to be ironed. So totally ignoring that until you need that shirt. You get it put away and lo and behold there is more in the hamper. How did that even happen!?

Here’s the deal…you cannot move forward unless you start.

I know it’s not easy and that at times it feels incredibly grueling, but nothing will change if you don’t. Let me repeat that…NOTHING WILL CHANGE IF YOU DON’T.

So, choose one item. Don’t be overwhelmed about completing the task, just focus on getting it started. Instead of saying, I have to fold this whole pile of laundry, just pick up one sock and find its match. Then keep going, you will hit momentum as long as you keep going.

Tasks, much like laundry, are never-ending.

Our to-do list remains ongoing. You check one thing off only to have another one added. In life, it can feel like we never really get things done. Instead, it’s more like we just keep juggling multiple balls swapping some out for others as needed.

So, what have you been avoiding doing?
What is one thing you could get started on?

Instead of trying to tackle it in its entirety, just get it started. Progress is inevitable once you’ve gotten started.
Even one set of folded socks is one less item on your to-do list.

What is one thing that you’ve been putting off that you’re willing to get started on?

Now Go and THRIVE!