Thrive Coaching | Confidence is Key
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Confidence is Key

Confidence is Key

I remember when I was scared to be seen.

I worried about what others would think of me.

I played it safe.

I made myself quiet.


Hidden along the back wall.

I stayed there, terrified to speak up or voice my opinion.

I’ve never felt so alone. So isolated.

You see, you can’t have real, true friendships when you’re pretending to be someone you’re not. When you’re so focused on what everyone else wants or needs.

That’s the reality, as long as you are too scared to be you, you can’t have what you want.

Think about it. What man or woman will want to date you? How can you go after that promotion? What about the raise? 

You hold yourself back from EVERY. SINGLE. THING.

You don’t have to live this way.

You don’t have to doubt yourself.

You were made for GREATNESS!

How would it feel to really believe in yourself?

What would become possible for you?

Belief in yourself, aka confidence, is key to getting what you want in life.

Its the fuel you need to go after your desires.

What do you really want in this life? What’s the one thing that you couldn’t bear to leave this life not experiencing?

You’ll need CONFIDENCE to make that desire your reality.

If you’re ready, then comment below. Tell me what is the #1 thing you dream of.