Thrive Coaching | This is how you work with me!
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This is how you work with me!

This is how you work with me!

Are you curious how you can work with me?

You feel ready for a change. Life hasn’t gone as expected. It’s thrown you for a curve ball. Don’t let this be the thing that stops you. You have desires and dreams inside of you that are waiting to be answered. What would happen if you answered that calling? It takes courage to step forward in the direction of your dreams.

The truth is, I don’t think everyone needs a coach. You might think that this is wrong. But I know that, I go through periods of working with coaches. I trust when I am intuitively guided and I say “yes” to those coaches. I love self-development and I know that my continued work serves my clients over and over.

If you feel called to have a coach, then I advise you to trust yourself and your instincts. From the bottom of my heart, let yourself be guided to your coach. To someone who holds space for you and your desires. Who partners with you and assists you in clearing out what has been getting in the way of what you want. Who shows you how to follow your own heart and dream.

This is my kind of mentor, because I’m like this myself.

I work with passionate, loving, giving women who are ready to love their lives fully. They feel called to create a positive impact. These women want MORE. Their most fulfilling life is calling them forward and they can’t help but to answer that call. These women are ready to conquer their fears. The life they DESIRE is WORTH it.

And this is how you can work with me:

1. Private 1:1 CoachingThis is my most intense level.
As a 1:1 client you will get massive discounts to my retreats, access to all online trainings I offer while we work together, bi-weekly calls with me, and individual private messaging with me. You can always ask me anything, in all areas, on all topics. This level creates a deep overhaul in all areas of your life and allows you to get the benefit of personalized coaching. You discover your must fulfilling life as old stories and belief systems that have been holding you back are cleared out. The options are 6 or 12 months.
I have 1 spot available for this month.

2. Re-Invent Yourself Group Coaching
This is a combination of private mentorship, intimate group coaching calls, and access to an online forum for ongoing support and accountability. The three pillars of this group are: emotional freedom, re-defining & reinventing yourself, and finally building the life you truly want. You heal from the pain of the past so that you finally feel happy again. You discover who you are and what matters most to you, overcoming doubt and uncertainty. You develop confidence and self assuredness as you step into living the life you’re meant for. This is a 9 month program. As a bonus, you’ll be gifted with the Re-Invent Yourself Jumpstart Program.
I have 5 spots open for this group.

3. Re-Invent Yourself Jumpstart Program
If you haven’t worked with me but you’re interested this is an incredible option. In this program, you gain clarity over what the life you truly desire looks like. You uncover the blocks that have been holding you back and create a plan to uplevel your life. You receive 2 group coaching calls per month, 1 private coaching call per month, and access to an online forum where you receive ongoing support. Re-Invent Yourself Jumpstart is a 2 month long group coaching program.
I have 3 spots available in this group.

4. Joyful Embodiment Retreat
This retreat is designed for women only. It’s an opportunity for connection and embodiment of the feminine. You’ll be guided on a journey deep into the core of who you are. You’ll shed stories and belief systems that don’t serve you as you deepen your awareness of your authentic nature. You’ll experience acceptance, love, joy, and fulfillment. Housing and meals are provided for you.
I have 4 spots open for this retreat.

My current prices for these offerings are:

1:1 Coaching: starts at $997/ month. There is a discount if you decide to Pay-in-Full

Re-Invent Yourself Group Coaching: $777/month for 9 months after your $697 deposit. There is a discount if you decide to Pay-in-Full

Re-Invent Yourself Jumpstart Group Coaching: $397/month for 2 months after your $200 deposit. There is a discount if you decide to Pay-in-Full

Joyful Embodiment Retreat: 2 payments of $997 after a $500 deposit. There is a discount if you decide to Pay-in-Full

Some people say you should never list the cost of coaching. It should only ever be shared on the phone. But you know – the woman who knows she’s ready for it doesn’t play games and doesn’t need a 60-minute strategy call. She doesn’t need to sleep on it. She knows it. She’s ready for a change and gets that it takes a commitment to create the results she desires. She feels that deeply. She is READY.

If something feels right for her, then she takes the leap, makes a decision and experiences massive transformation.

She says “YES” to herself.

If you feel you are ready, then comment “READY” on this post now and I will let you know the next steps.

You deserve the support, the space, the mentoring, the inner wisdom, the meaning, the freedom, and the the access to the joy you wish for!

If you feel called to work with me, then simply comment “READY” on this post and ask about any of the above! Trust Yourself.