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Become the person you’ve always wanted to be

Become the person you’ve always wanted to be

It’s never too late to be who you think you might have been.” 
-George Shaw

I read this quote and thought of you. About what you want. What it will take for you to get there. The changes that you can make so that you finally experience what you really desire.

I remember the night my boyfriend broke up with me. I was completely devastated. I knew it hadn’t been good between us, but I’d hoped it would get better.

Life became this painful passing from day to day. The tears and grief turned into a numbness and resignation to loneliness. 

I couldn’t go on this way anymore. I knew something needed to change. I NEEDED to change.

You cannot get to where you want to be as the person you are. You have to re-invent yourself to create the change and momentum to cause you to break free from your current life and boldly pursue the life you dream of.

If you want to transform your health, it will require something different from you. A commitment. I’m doing this no matter what. Forgot your sports bra? Work out in your regular bra. No socks? Oh well, do it without them. Consistency. Daily and deliberate action. Scheduling in and showing up for workouts. Discipline. Saying “no” to that dessert or glad of wine. Planning for bumps in the road. A purse with packed snacks so you’re never left hungry and caving in. A keep going no matter what attitude.

This isn’t who you started as. You were a person with a dream. And, it took something different, a re-invention, to create your desired results.

It took a willingness to get honest with myself. To evaluate each area of my life. Asking myself what I wanted. I created a plan to re-build my life, healing myself along the way. 

What is it you dream of? What would it be like if you achieved that?

I experienced new friendships. Pursued interests that I’d been curious about. Made the leap to move to the place I’d dreamed of living since I was a little girl. 

Who do you need to BE to make your dreams happen?

It took courage for me to pursue those dreams. An unshakeable belief in myself.

You are meant to live your dreams. To experience incredible joy and fulfillment in your life.

If you’re ready to make this happen, then join me for Re-Invent Yourself

-Know EXACTLY what you WANT
-Confidently take action in the direction of your dreams
-Gain emotional freedom so that you feel happy and at ease

Click here to get on my calendar. Or reply to this email and we’ll talk next steps. If none of the available times work for you, I’ll be happy to open up a spot for you. Just reply to this email and let me know.

You are meant to live your dreams. Change, a re-invention of yourself, is KEY to creating the life you desire. Click here to get on my calendar. Most people click here but I know not all of the times will work for everyone. If that’s the case, hit reply to this email and let me know.