Thrive Coaching | Where do you focus?
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Where do you focus?

Where do you focus?

I was thinking about you as I went rock climbing for the first time. About how there are things that you want but you don’t have. 

That relationship you desire. If only you could make eye contact and smile well past your comfort zone.

The trip you want to take. But there is no one to go with you. So, you don’t go.

Fear gets in the WAY.

It feels better to play it safe. That’s the illusion. It’s the very thing that holds you back from the life you WANT.

Be brave. Say “yes” to your deepest desires.

As I was scaling the wall, I realized how powerful fear is. You see, I have a terrible FEAR of heights. I end up feeling shaky, hyper alert, and barely able to breathe. I faced that fear head on as I climbed that wall. 

Here’s what I noticed, where YOU focus matters.

You’ve got to keep yourself focused on where you are heading. What is the path? The next move and the next. From rock to rock, I scaled those five stories one step at a time.

When I would look down, fear would swallow me up. Take me off track. And just like that, my focus was lost on the very thing that was keeping me stuck, gripping the wall with terror and trying to regulate my breathing.

Where’s your focus been? 

This was a valuable lesson. When you train your attention to what you want. Stay focused. Nothing can take you off track. This is a skill and you can learn it. Think of what would be different if fear stopped distracting you and leading you off course.

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-Know what you want & how to get there
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Dreams are given to YOU because you are meant to LIVE them. Keep your focus on what you WANT so that you overcome FEAR and make those desires real. Click here to get on my calendar. Most people click here but I know not all of the times will work for you. If that’s the case, hit reply to this email and let me know.