Thrive Coaching | You don’t have to be alone
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You don’t have to be alone

You don’t have to be alone

I was thinking about you and what it feels like to be alone on a Friday night. 

I remember when Friday nights would give me so much anxiety. I laid in bed the night before thinking of who I could possibly make plans with, composing the messages in my head. I hoped someone would be interested in happy hour.

Nothing made me more sad than coming home after work with no plans on a Friday. It was a painful reminder that I was single

You don’t want to be home right now. You tried to make some sort of plans happen. Sometimes you dread the weekend, because its stretches out in front of you with wide open space. It’s easier to stay busy, to work late hours or have some project in the wings waiting for you.

You feel alone. 

Anything is better than being confronted with your loneliness. 

It doesn’t have to be this way. The truth is, you cannot attract a relationship from this space. It is straight up guy-repellant.

You know you want a relationship. You’ve wanted one for awhile now. Yet, it hasn’t happened. Instead, you are frequently reminded that you aren’t in one. In fact, every time you see a couple you find yourself thinking “why isn’t that me”.

I don’t mean to be the bearer of bad news. I know this because this was me. I used to feel embarrassed picking up the take out. I seriously hoped no one would notice me. It felt mortifying to be alone. Clearly, I wasn’t okay with it.  It took me doing the inner work to learn to appreciate those moments I am alone. To feel comfortable in my own skin. As you do the inner work, you shed the guy-repellant and become more attractive. 

You can have that loving relationship you desire. The key to attracting that relationship in lies in the inner work. As you step into loving yourself fully you magnetize the love you desire to you. If you’re ready then click here to get on my calendar

You don’t have to spend another moment feeling lonely. You can absolutely attract that loving relationship you desire. I have opened up a few spots this week only for a complimentary coaching call to help you . Click here to get on my calendar. Or comment below and we’ll talk next steps.