Thrive Coaching | My favorite New Year’s ritual
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My favorite New Year’s ritual

My favorite New Year’s ritual

Do you use rituals to get ready for the New Year?

I love the transition from year to year. I honor this time with a ritual each year.

I’m sharing my favorite ritual with you so that you can close out 2019 with gratitude and set yourself up for success in 2020.

Today, give yourself time to reflect back on 2019. What were your accomplishments? Big moments?

I’ll share with you that even something that sounds negative can actually be a positive. In February I went through a break up. Yes, it was painful. But, it was also a huge move for me to come from an aligned place and end a relationship that wasn’t working for me.

Do you have any moments like that? Ones that don’t look good initially, but upon reflection were powerful.

Once you’ve made your list, pause and take it in. Put your hand over your heart and feel gratitude for yourself. Soak it up. Take it in.

When you’re complete, give yourself a moment to look forward to 2020. What do you want to experience?

Imagine standing in December of 2020. What would you like to feel thankful for?

Write those dreams down. Give thanks for what is to come.

Safely burn this piece of paper with your desires written on them. Surrender your desire. Trust that it is taken care of you.

May your 2020 be all that you desire and more.

I’d love to hear how this ritual went for you! Comment below and let me know.