Thrive Coaching | The key to the relationship you desire
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The key to the relationship you desire

The key to the relationship you desire

Have you ever wondered what the secret is to finding a quality partner and creating a sustainable, fulfilling love life?

I’m so excited to announce that I was just interviewed on the new Midlife Love Out Loud podcast! Click HERE to listen

I spoke about the key to having a fulfilling relationship. 

Let’s face it. Being in the second half of life and getting “back out there” can feel daunting.

With divorce rates skyrocketing and people feeling more dissatisfied in partnership than ever before, and being in midlife after multiple sucky relationships, one would think it isn’t possible to have a fulfilling relationship let alone find one so late in life.

The good news is it’s more than possible and Midlife Love Out Loud: Your One Stop Love Shop, hosted by Junie Moon –the Love Coach, is a great resource for you!

The show is awesome and I’m one of her first guests!

Junie is bringing on some of the leading experts in the relationship field and offering tools that actually help you call in the partner you dream of. Be sure to subscribe, rate and review it too. That helps us get the word out there about this great show.

Midlife Love Out Loud offers topics like:

  • How to have healthy communication and less drama
  •  How to create bedroom bliss and get your needs met
  •  How to date successfully online
  •  How to find quality men that want to show up for you
  •  How to experience real intimacy where you deeply connect and feel safe to be you
  •  How to set healthy boundaries and not get resentful because you abandon your truth

And so much more…

Junie Moon knows how hard it can be to find love later in life. She has walked in your shoes, and after extensive research, she now helps women find their man by teaching really easy, learnable tools that streamline the whole dating process. That’s why she is sharing the golden nuggets of dating and relationships in this new way…her podcast.

I am so excited to share this with you. You’re going to learn a ton. I recommend you subscribe to the podcast and leave a review. Enjoy!

Learn the key to having a fulfilling relationship. Click HERE to listen