Thrive Coaching | What can I learn?
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What can I learn?

What can I learn?

Ask yourself this question or better yet, ask a loved one.

As a therapist, I hear this all the time, Why is this happening to me?

Why did he cheat on me? Why did she leave me? Why am I in so much pain?

I understand that it is in your nature to seek the why. You feel like knowing that answer will somehow lead to some sense of relief. In reality, that search for the why keeps you stuck.

I’d like to invite you into a new set of questions.

What can I learn from what is happening? Is there anything I could gain from it? If I were standing 10 years from now and looking back at this moment in my life, what would I want to tell myself? What do I wish was different? Is there anything I can do to make that happen?

Changing the view from “why” to “what can I learn” not only empowers you but sets you up to create changes that improve your future. When you choose a growth mindset, you change your relationship with circumstances, challenges, and obstacles. You seek to learn from rather than stay stuck in pain. You stop taking what is happening personally. You see those challenges as opportunities to rise up, to develop resilience, to come out stronger than you ever thought was possible.