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Leverage the KEY to SUCCESS

Leverage the KEY to SUCCESS

“Success awaits you”.
What do you want? That dream inside of you.

I’ve been reminded of contrast. Those things you have happen but don’t actually want to happen – heartbreak, loss, setbacks, frustration, and so on.

What are you willing to experience to have that desire realized? What is the cost? The downside you’re willing to endure to have that dream come true.

Maybe it’s the frustration of swiping on dating apps or the pain of rejection. The fear of having your heart broken.

What risk will you take for your deepest desire?

I’ve been focused on turning my attention to the good that comes from contrast. Thank you for showing me what I don’t want, and then turning my attention and putting my focus towards what positive aspect was revealed. This creates an instant shift in how I feel.

You can do this too. Today, every time you catch yourself noticing something you dislike or aren’t happy with. Pause. Ask yourself what it is you do want. Then put your attention there.

I’d love to hear what you notice as you practice shifting your focus. Comment below and let me know.

*card curtesy of Teal Swan