Thrive Coaching | About Kate
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About Kate


What would be possible if your break up became your success story?

I remember the moment I realized I had a choice. I was sobbing on the floor of my bedroom. My boyfriend had just dumped me.


The truth was we’d been miserable for months. The break up was inevitable. I’d refused to admit it. I remember thinking I have no idea what to do next. But I have to do something different.


I’d had enough of living this way.


I believed I was unworthy. I remember thinking when was I going to stop twisting myself into a pretzel to get love. I had lost myself in him and now that he wasn’t there I didn’t know what to do. I never wanted this to happen again. I wanted to feel like I was solid in who I was and had my own life going for me.

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Out of incredible heartache came an awareness and a desire to heal. To change and reach for more. I was done with these BELIEFS. I refused to let my life continue to be a rollercoaster ride of unhappiness. I committed to new healthy beliefs and found myself creating an incredible life.

As a result, I experienced shifts in every area of my life. I let go of fear and boldly pursued my DREAMS. Created deeply connected relationships with friends and family. Expanded spiritually and tapped into intuitive gifts. Felt true life fulfillment.


Once you do the inner work and marry it with inspired action you really can create the life of your dreams after a break-up.


This is what is possible for you.


You are worthy of everything your heart desires. You are capable of great things. Break free from everything that holds you back, tap into your strengths, and LIVE the life you were meant for.