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Work with me

Ready for Massive Success?

I remember the moment I had my last coaching session with Nina. We celebrated the launch of her new business, incredible friendships, her thriving relationship.


And in that moment I couldn’t help but remember the first time we had talked and she was in complete tears because she was in the middle of her divorce. She was lost and confused. Unsure of what was next. In so much pain.


Women often come to me when they've gone through a massive break up or divorce. They find themselves in a place where they feel lost and they want to create the next meaningful chapter of their life.

3 Pillars to Transform Your Heartbreak Into your Biggest Success Story.

Emotional Freedom


Develop emotional freedom so you can finally feel happy again. Learn skills that will allow you to navigate life's ups and downs with ease. Cultivate a sense of inner peace so you can handle anything with confidence and courage.


Re-Define & Re-Invent


Uncover your values so you know what matters to you. Discover who you are at your core so you can gain clarity over your deepest desires. This is critical to attracting lasting love into your life.


Re-Build & Re-Ignite


You were meant to live an incredible life. Its time to create it. Tap into your boldness and create your awesome life. 

Schedule a Free Recovery Wholeness Plan Call.


Q. Will this work for me?


A. How you think about things is key. We will work together to tap into your strengths and utilize them to help you build the life you truly desire. Choose to believe in yourself and your possibilities. I will be there with you as you take this journey. Your success is my success.

Q. Can I afford this?


A. Coaching is an investment in yourself and your future. If you are truly ready to make this commitment, I will work with you to find a way to make that happen.

Q. I'd rather have 1:1 coaching than group coaching. Is that an option?


A. Yes, I open up a limited number of 1:1 coaching spots a year. Let me know you're interested in that and if one is available we can talk about working 1:1.